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Welcome to The Marshay Beauty Brand!

Your skin is you!

Our goal at The Marshay Beauty Brand is all about keeping you looking beautiful and youthful. The world sees your skin every day; our commitment at Marshay Beauty is to present to you the best products that have been developed after years of extensive research. Marshay Beauty gives you the confidence to face the world each day.  

We offer a dynamic range of pure organic products that both treat, optimise, and maintains your skin health; skin care; beauty and cleansing needs.

Our product lines include:
1)Facial Treatment & Care
2)Shower Gels
3) Body Lotions

4) Hair care

The Marshay Beauty Brand was created to cater to the millions of people around the world that have various skin conditions, ranging from mild to severe. In addition, we created a range of products that also give our customers the satisfaction they deserve in cleaning and maintaining beautiful looking skin.


Our products cater to all skin types and to all ethnicities.


All ingredients used in Marshay Beauty Product Range are all naturally plant based. The foundation of Marshay Beauty is that we do not include a single drop of any artificial chemical or ingredient in any of our lines. This is what makes Marshay unique and perfect for you!

Many existing beauty and skin care products sold in stores are laced with artificial chemicals that have a long-term disastrous effect upon our skin. We wanted to solve this dilemma, where you do not need to be experimenting with a wide assortment of products; introducing mild toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals to your skin.

Everything we develop for our customers at Marshay Beauty is Plant Based, Cruelty free, Vegan, Organic, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free and definitely safe and suitable for ALL skin types and shades.

Give us a try! You’ll be pleased when you see the results of your most beautiful you come to light!


The Birth of Marshay Beauty
Marshay Beauty’s Founder and CEO, Kemani Smith is a visionary. Skincare was always a hot topic in his household whilst growing up. Coming from a culture where there's a herbal remedy for literally every ailment, it was already within Kemani’s DNA that natural was the best way to go!

Kemani developed Marshay Beauty’s first line of products based on the skin health issues both he and his daughter Shay were experiencing.

Having tried a range of products readily available from the drugstores, Kemani quickly realised that these were not working effectively. Or if they did, it was only to a limited extent, as the skin health issues would either return or just be mildly suppressed. This is when Kemani decided, well, why not develop the products that both he, and his daughter needed? This is where Marshay Beauty was birthed over 5 years ago!

Extensive research into plant-based ingredients began. Diligent testing and development was conducted to determine what organic products worked best on skin to bring about the best skin care results.


Product testing was overwhelmingly successful. The transformation away from artificial chemical products to naturally organic products proved to be the perfect answer! With such conclusive improvements in the skin from the use of purely plant-based products, Marshay’s Founder proceeded to develop various lines of skin care products with the sole purpose of giving everyone the confidence needed to face the world looking their beautiful best!

Marshay Beauty Brand Motto: Skincare for Humanity!

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