Founders' Story

My Inspiration Behind Starting Marshay Organic

My story is not unique.

It’s not only myself that has experienced the negative effects of conventional products, but what makes my story stand out is that I decided to do something about it. 

In 2013 I was young, with a young daughter and still very naive about what really goes on in the skin care industry.

Like many others, and possibly like yourself right now, I trusted the array of products lined up neatly on the shelves at my local drugstore and would choose products for my daughter and myself based on the front label without giving it a second thought.

But based on our experiences, I was forced to delve deeper and give it a lot more attention than I had intended.

You see, I quickly knew something was very wrong.

Both my daughter, and myself, would have severe skin reactions to so called innocuous products including bumps, redness, itching and overall irritation.

I experimented with dozens of different brands convinced that there must be a singular ingredient in the ones we were using that we were just sensitive too. 

After no success I decided to give that label on the back a second glance. 

I realized that all the brands I was using had one thing in common; they all used primarily the same ingredients. 

And after a little more research, I realized that these ingredients were no joke. 

Parabens, sulfates and phthalates were some that came up over and over again and I was horrified to discover that research done on these “bad guys” linked them to not only skin irritations, but hormonal disruptions and even an increased risk of disease!

Now let me tell you something. Nothing makes you angrier than knowing that the trust you put in all these brands may potentially have put your child at risk. 

I simmered away for a while but then thought to myself that there MUST be healthy alternatives to these harsh ingredients. 

This really ignited a spark in me and the seed for creating my own skin care products started to grow and flourish.

I delved into research and studied formulations and the beauty industry for the next 2 years to glean a complete understanding of the skincare industry. 

I knew what I needed; a formula with the ideal combination of ingredients for my daughter and I, that would provide results without causing irritation or put our health at risk. 

It took another year to master the perfect formula.

Once I felt happy with what we had created, my family agreed to be the guinea pigs for a further 2 years and the results blew us all away!

Drastic improvements were noticed almost overnight!We had found something that worked for us, but what about all those other millions of people struggling with the same issues we had?

I decided to make these recipes available to the world and name it after my inspiration, my daughter, Shay. And so Marshay Organic Beauty was born.

If you find yourself reading this then take this as a sign to make that change for yourself and your family today.

I can’t wait for you to have a browse and discover the whole new world that opens up once you finally find all natural products that actually work!

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